Il Leone: the shopping centre

On Saturday morning we went shopping at Il Leone in Lonato.

The place  was strangely quiet.  We usually go there for the summer and winter sales to pick up some wardrobe staples at affordable prices.  During the start of the sales season, Il Leone is anything but quiet.

Inside Il Leone. (This photo is from their website.)

As usual, we went to Passatempo.  I was looking for an outfit for a special event.  I was just trying to get some ideas on what was available. Unexpectedly, I found something.

I had a quick look in Sasch, H&M and Zara.

Sasch smelled terrible.  The synthetic fabrics, out of which their clothes and accessories are made, were emitting very unpleasant and possibly noxious odours into the shop space. 

H&M wasn’t much better but at least they do cheap tat  with humour: I’d heard of “jeggings”,  now thanks to H&M, I am aware of “treggings”. 

Zara doesn’t smell as badly as Sasch and it’s less chaotic than H&M.  I often find something to buy in Zara but this time I didn’t.  Zara at least has garments made out of natural materials.  If I wear man-made fibres I tend to turn into a walking cattle prod, self-powered by static electricity, zapping people and metallic objects indiscriminately.

On the way out of Il Leone we bought a box of oranges.  Now our fridge is bulging with oranges: oranges in the doors, oranges in the fruit compartment, oranges on every shelf.  They are nice oranges – tarocco from Sicily – and I’m sure we’ll get through most of them.

Around 1.00 p.m. when we left (with our big box of oranges), the shopping centre was still relatively quiet.  However, the shop assistants seemed to be getting just a bit twitchy as though they were bracing themselves for a Saturday afternoon onslaught of shoppers.  Alternatively, their twitchiness may have been a side effect of inhaling the gases emitted by huge quantities of cheap clothing made out of unnatural substances.


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