Desenzano del Garda

After shopping at Il Leone  on Saturday morning, we decided to go to Desenzano del Garda for lunch.    

At Pizzeria del Teatro we had two delicious and filling neapolitan-style pizzas (the crusts were quite soft).  The service was efficient, friendly and unflustered.  For a grey Saturday in February the pizzeria/restaurant was doing a reasonable trade.    

Delicious pizza available here

After the pizza we went to Pasticceria Andemariam Abeba in Piazza Matteotti for an excellent coffee and a scrumptious dessert.    

Pasticceria Andemariam. Highly recommended.

Then we walked around the semi-deserted streets of Desenzano until it started to rain.  I’ve never seen Desenzano so devoid of people.  There were precious few pretentious types parading around humourlessly in expensive clothes.    

A quiet, grey Saturday afternoon in Desenzano

I’m sure today – Sunday – was a different story in Desenzano.  Most people in Italy (including Signor Lu and I) usually work on Saturday mornings and are not free to visit lakeside towns for lunch.


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