Today we went to Verona to celebrate St Valentine’s Day. 

We got there around midday, found a free car park with relative ease and walked to a restaurant we had booked a week before for our St Valentine’s Day lunch. 

Verona had adopted the slogan “Verona in love” for the weekend and there were various events and promotions being held in various hot spots around the city. 

The city was decorated with heart-shaped balloons.

We ate at Al Cristo, a restaurant which has been endorsed by a veritable who’s who of Italian and international restaurant guides.  I’d like to point out that my valentine and I discovered this place before it became famous. 

Anyway, we had a delicious lunch of grilled octopus, a platter of sushi and sashimi and some lightly seared red tuna.  Since it was St Valentine’s Day, we also had the St Valentine’s Day dessert: a concoction of white chocolate, dark chocolate and berries.  It was very good indeed but quite rich. 

With 1 glass of wine and 1 coffee added in, the final bill came to 90 euros.  (Al Cristo is not cheap.)      

Al Cristo

After lunch we walked around the city.  There was a huge crush of people outside Juliet’s house. (Juliet of Romeo and Juliet fame, that is.)  Entrance to the star-crossed lover’s former residence was free for the day.  We didn’t join the crush.  

The sun was out and so there were a lot of people out too, taking a leisurely Sunday stroll.  

Some people were taking advantage of the end of season sales but to me the displays in the shop windows were uninspiring…most of the merchandise looked like it needed to be rounded up and taken to the outlet centres.  The Spring collections  will explode onto the scene  later this month, apparently. 

Some down-to-earth angels outside the arena.

It wasn’t the most romantic day I’ve ever had but it was certainly pleasant.


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