Ski Trip 2009

This year, like many Christmases past, we loaded up our car and part roared, part crawled (roadworks!) up the A22 to a mountain village in the Italian Dolomites called San Vigilio di Marebbe.                  

San Vigilio di Marebbe - view from our balcony

Once we had checked into our B&B, Garni Cristallo, we went and organised our ski passes.  Then we sorted out our ski and ski boot rental.                  


PRICES 2009                  

B&B per night for 2 people:  90 euros    

Ski pass for 3 days (per person): 119 euros              

Ski & ski boot rental for 3 days (per person): 56.50 euros  



Our wallets lighter, we went and relaxed in the spa bath and sauna in the basement of our accommodation.  Bliss!                


The following 3 days – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day – were spent skiing at Plan de Corones (aka Kronplatz).                  

There was an extraordinary quantity of snow this year; a delight to behold.                  



About to ski down Costa



The temperature this year was highly variable and we met with a vast assortment of weather conditions: snow, rain, fog, sun and wind.  (That’s winter sports for you!)                  

On Christmas Day we even had to retire early from skiing because the weather was too hostile and visibility was zero.                

When we weren’t skiing (or in the spa bath or sauna) we ate and drank well:                 


  • the delicious outdoor lunchtime pizza at La Bronta
  • the mouth-watering grilled meats, cheeses and vegetables at Ciolà
  • the elegant and imaginative Christmas menu at Ristorante Tabarel
  • the abundant buffet breakfast at our B&B
  • the pleasing wines of the Trentino-Alto Adige region (e.g. the Lagrein – a smooth, foresty red wine)
  • the cakes and pastries of the region to which sweet-toothed Signor Lu is very partial (especially the apple strudel) 


Lunch at La Bronta: mushroom pizza

This year there was a lot of grumbling among the guests at Garni Cristallo about the chilliness of the rooms.  Reminded us of the families with whom we share our un-Florida-like condominium.    


Cold rooms and some severe weather notwithstanding, we had a wonderful, stress-free Christmas on the mountains.  We hope to return next year.                 



  • Christmas Day skiers (very civilised people)
  • the friendly, hard-working people at San Vigilio di Marebbe
  • the fumble-free “chip card” ski passes of Plan de Corones
  • fit, silver-haired skiers
  • parents who send their ankle-biters to ski school
  • the Christmassy aroma of San Vigilio


  • certain Boxing Day skiers who seem to have a lot of post-Christmas angst to ski off
  • skiers who don’t wear any kind of head cover
  • skiers who smoke on the slopes 





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