Laura always seems like a nice person – sincere, gracious and personable.     
She seems to take her amazing singing voice in her stride.  You can really appreciate the sheer amazingness of that voice when you see her in concert.
Which is exactly what we did last month when she performed in Mantua at the Palabam. 

Laura begins her concert


Mostly she sang her recent material, which I’m familiar with because it’s always on the radio.        

The audience was predominantly female and there was a lot of singing along and swaying but not a lot of dancing; not where we were sitting anyway. A security guard was standing right in front of us. His body language was saying: dance and I’ll forcibly throw you out!        

Anyway, non-dancing aside, it was a very good concert. The lighting was great. Video was used to good effect and Laura’s powerful voice, coloured by delightfully soft and sweet tones, won me over. I like the way she starts a song gently, smoothly, in pitch-perfect honeyed style before building up to the part where she can really belt it out. It’s enormously cathartic when you sing along.     
With her talent and generosity, Ms Pausini generated a huge quantity of warmth and goodwill throughout the stadium. A month later I still feel her glow.      
She is a singer who has really grown on me while I’ve been living in Italy.    
The only part of the concert I didn’t like was her tribute to Michael Jackson. She sang Heal the World. Her intentions were good, I believe, but if you’re going to perform a Jackson song it should be one of his dance numbers. 
I forgive her all the same. After all, she is Laura Pausini.     

Laura gets a kick out of her show



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